Stepmom Life

I do not speak much of my Stepmom life. It’s because I’m an Alienated Stepmom. In simple terms to define an Alienated Stepmom is when the Biomom (in our case) hates you more than she loves her child. I’m not going to get into this situation on this blog because thinking about the whole situation makes me mad even to this day. It makes me mad because my bonus daughter is being manipulated on a daily basis and the court system doesn’t care. And that makes me sad and mad. You can learn more about our battle at Strong Stepmom Awareness Campaign.

I want to share the thoughts that go through my mind as an Alienated Stepmom. If you want to read about my Stepmom journey you can read about it on Strong Stepmom Blog and Resilient Stepmom. I must admit that I sound angry on these blogs and I don’t like that.

I want this blog to be a place where I can share my thoughts as a stepmom and not get angry. Life goes on and unfortunately life doesn’t go necessarily to plan.

If you are an Alienated Stepmom, just know you’re not alone!