I Love Him More & More Each Day

I love to look back over time to see how much my love has grown over the years for my husband. Through the storms of life we keep hanging on. During the bad we seem to hold on tighter. Sometimes we are hanging on by the others hand. But we are here. We are here loving each other more and more each day. My heart never knew how much love could grow until I met Justin. He’s been my everything. I love him more and more each day.

Our Anniversary Weekend

Well we had plans to go see a concert then head off to some cabins. Well a snow storm came through and canceled the plans. We made the best of the weekend as we could. We enjoyed each others company. I like cold snow days. Getting stuck at home isn’t a bad thing when you have a wonderful person like my husband to be with. Somehow past the weekend plans not going accordingly we really enjoyed it and made memories that will last a while. Best thing about being in love with your best friend you can really have a great time no matter what’s going on in life. If you read this my love, Happy Anniversary


Thanksgiving my husband worked. So we had our own Thanksgiving lunch. We both cooked stuff. I really enjoyed cooking with him. Of course he’s teaching me how to do things. I kind of stink in the cooking area. I have a couple of good things I cook but I sure couldn’t have made Thanksgiving lunch without him. I made some plates with our fur babies. They enjoyed the food too. While I’m cooking I couldn’t help but be so thankful for the wonderful husband I have. I’ve been so blessed to have him in my life. There maybe rough times in our marriage but overall I’m so happy with him. When the world around us is rough I know I can rest in his arms and everything will be okay. So today I’m thankful for my husband.

What Love Does

Sometimes we butt heads, sometimes we agree to disagree, sometimes we might argue from time to time, and sometimes we tick each other off. But when you get right down to it we love each other. Even with our family going through some issues our marriage stays strong. There were times when I wanted to give up due to his ex-wife trying to break our family apart and our marriage apart. She tried to make our life together a living hell. But even though 2008-2010 was the roughest times we got through it. We managed somehow to stick together. Love is what gets you through the hard times and if you don’t have true love then you won’t make it.