Creative People

Being a creative person means that people will often times copy you. So be prepared for this at some point in your creative life if it hasn’t happened already.

People copy you because they lack creativity. Maybe they see something that inspires them so they copy it in hopes of getting the same feedback like you did.

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Freebies From TLOBEKAH: October’s Freebie

This months freebie is a quote that I absolutely love. It’s a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. I think this is a great reminder to embrace who you are even if it is a mess.

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Stop That Unnecessary Self-Doubt


So I’m taking a chance and I’m going to start a freelance business. I was so set on not doing anything freelance. However, with a recent situation, I’ve changed my mind.

I will not accept any job offers that isn’t related to graphic design. This was a lesson that I learned a few days ago and I refuse to make that mistake again.

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Let’s Change It Up

Yesterday was an exhausting day. I was discussing with my husband about the possibilities of two different things. He supported my decision to make a big choice and to take a big chance.

During our discussion I realized that I need to update my portfolio, resume, and cover letter.

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