Dedicated To My Bonus Daughter

I have been receiving emails about how to cope through parental alienation and how to deal with the grieving process as an Alienated Stepmom. I never know what type of advice to give Alienated Stepmoms because honestly I’m still figuring out how to deal with mine.

I think there will always be some type of grieving for Alienated Stepmoms because our families were ripped apart by a parent who decided that hate was stronger than their love for their children.

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It’s Never Okay

It’s okay for you to hate me but it’s never okay to use my bonus daughter as a weapon to hurt my family.

It’s ridiculous that parents think it’s okay to make your child feel unwanted or abandoned by the other parent. Especially when the toxic parent was the one blocking visitation, phone calls, and however else they tried to contact the child.

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Dear Fellow Alienated Stepmom

Dear Fellow Alienated Stepmom,

If you are struggling, just know that you are not alone. I completely understand where you are at.

You’re tired of seeing the pain that your family is going through. You are exhausted because a parent decided to hate their ex more than they loved their child.

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