This Too Shall Pass Just Like A Kidney Stone

Let’s talk about kidney stones! For those who have this same problem you completely understand my pain and frustration that comes along with having kidney stones. These suckers are painful. They are absolutely brutal to deal with.

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I started experiencing difficulties with the spray nozzle on my Evamist within the first month of using it. I have noticed that the dosage isn’t very consistent.

I called the manufacturer of Evamist and they said that they often have problems with the spray nozzle. To me, this is a HUGE problem. I’m not sure about you, but I would prefer an HRT be consistent with the dosage.

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A1C: Today I Am Grateful

Today I am grateful. I am grateful because I had a doctors appointment today that went well. I have a couple of health problems that I need to continue to work on but the major thing that I was concerned about is nothing to worry about.

A few weeks ago I had an eye appointment and my doctor alerted me that my vain that is connected to diabetes was inflammated. I had my A1C tested and it was a great number. 4.8 was my number that popped up on my blood work.

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Ya’ll I’m going to be honest here. I’m not usually freaking out about an eye appointment. However, recently I have been freaking out about my last eye appointment.

At my last eye appointment my prescription increased. It went from a -8.00 to -9.00 in my right eye and from a -8.00 to a -9.25 in my left eye. This is really concerning.

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Just incase you were wondering what endometriosis looks like, here’s a photo of mine.

They found my endometriosis during my surgery that was recommended by my ex-doctor for my retroflexed uterus.

When they went in to do a partial hysterectomy they ended up finding tons of black spots all throughout my body.

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