I’m Thankful For….

Tonight I’m thankful for my husband. I’m thankful that he never complains about stepping in before, during, and after my surgery. Everything that has to be done around the house is being done by him. He hasn’t complained once.

I’m thankful that he loves me even though parts of myself are gone. I’m thankful that he doesn’t view me as less of a woman. I’m thankful that he’s kept on calling me beautiful even though I’m feeling low about myself. I’m thankful that he reminds me how much he loves me and still desires me. I need these reminders a lot right now. So it’s nice to hear these things.

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This Guy

This guy deserves to be blogged about. Throughout my whole entire health struggles and victories he’s been there for me. There have been several times when I thought he should just up and leave me, but he hasn’t. He really took our vows seriously. Sometimes I read about husbands being jerks about their spouses health struggles and my heart is sad for them. These awful stories about spouses not supporting each other makes me so thankful for the man I have. I don’t need sad stories to make me thankful but it reinforces it.

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Our First Home

We bought our first house as husband and wife in May of 2015. So many things have went on and I keep forgetting to update this blog. Finding a home was a little stressful but we found the one we adored. It’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath and it’s adorable. I love it and Justin loves it as well. I have a lot of ideas on decorations. I have a few walls decorated already. It’s nice to have a place to call your home. We had the best realtor during all of this too. Justin and I moved from the rent house to the home in one day. We closed in the morning and began moving all day. We unpacked our stuff and soon realized that we once again did a big move all by ourselves. We had zero help from anyone. We are good about working together to get things done. I’m excited about the house and what memories we will create here.