My Interview Preparations and Tips

I wanted to share with you my interview preparations that I have been working on for my upcoming phone interview. I will also share with you some tips that I’ve learned along the way. Maybe it will help you too.

If you are a graphic designer there are some good things to keep in mind during this job hunting process and interviewing preparations process. I hope you find this blog post to be helpful for you during your graphic design job hunting process.

My Preparations for Interviews

Here is what I have done so far to prepare for my phone interview. However, you can apply these preparations for any type of interview.

After my email from a staffing company that reached out to me, I immediately began to prepare for my interview that would be happening in two days.

I started to research the company and find out who this staffing company was. I had never heard about this company before so I was interested in learning more about them.

I searched all over Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other online platforms to find more information about the staffing company. I also read reviews to see how they treat their clients. I was successful in finding out what this company was about.

I found helpful information that will hopefully be useful for my phone interview. I began to type up some answers to the interview questions that they have posted online. I practiced saying these answers to my husband. We bounced things back and forth to each other. I was able to get some helpful insight from my husband.

Later on I researched how to calm my interview jitters. There was an article about how to calm yourself down and to maintain your calmness throughout the interview. I’ll let you know how those tips go. If the tips work, I will share the article with you later on.

I also have an outfit picked out for the phone interview. I feel like it is still necessary for me to dress for the job even if it’s a phone interview. I am still taking this seriously.

I also have my desk ready to go. I have my computer setup, a bottle of water, and my computer tabs open. I have an opening email ready to go for my phone interview with the staffing company.

I’m really excited about this opportunity and I look forward to this phone interview. I have prepared myself to the best of my ability. I have alerted my resume references and told them about this interview.

I honestly can’t think of anything else to do in order to prepare for this phone interview. So now I will share some helpful tips.

Always Be Ready

Always be ready to send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendations to whomever is requesting it from you. You always need these for online job postings. So it’s always a good idea to know where these files are at. Have a folder with these files in them.

Remember to have a strong resume and cover letter. This is where you will be “selling” yourself from. These are the papers that employers learn about you from. So make it strong and worth remembering.

If you are a graphic designer, be sure to have a copy of your portfolio. You can also find websites that you can host an online portfolio on. Take advantage of free websites and put your portfolio on there.

If you use Adobe Creative Cloud you can use their portfolio site that they offer to create your own online portfolio. Make sure that both of your portfolios match. Don’t have two totally different types of portfolios. This will confuse employers.

Research The Company

It’s always a great idea to research the company before you even submit your application. You don’t want to apply to a job that doesn’t interest you. If the company reaches out to you, then do your research before you follow up with them.

You can always Google the company and ask friends if they know anything about the company. You can also search for reviews on Google for the company. This is a good way to figure out how they treat customers and their employees.

Interview Questions

It’s always a good idea to polish up on your answers to the interview questions. You can Google interview questions and practice with your spouse, family, or friends on how you would answer the questions. You may think this is silly but it will prepare you for the interview.

Don’t forget that this interview is a time for employers to get to know you better. So don’t let your lack of preparation be the reason why they never called you back. Be prepared and be ready to respond but don’t quick respond. Take a moment and think about your answers. It’s okay to take a breath and repeat the question to yourself. Answer their questions to the best of your ability.

Also, you can ask questions too. So be ready for an opportunity to ask questions about the job you are being interviewed for.

Portfolio Prep

I always check my online portfolio and make sure the link is still working. I also polish up on design terms, styles, and other design information that might be helpful to me.

If you are having a phone interview, have a draft in your email with design terms and other useful things.

If you are doing an in person interview, be sure to bring copies of your portfolio, resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendations.

Always ask HR how many people will be interviewing you. Then you can print off that many copies for the interview.

Dress The Role

Always dress for success! Never arrive to your interview in awful looking clothes. Take the time to look good and iron your clothes. Don’t dress in clothes that are inappropriate for the job that you are applying for.

Always wear makeup that isn’t overwhelming. Again, use the appropriate amount of makeup for the job. Don’t over do your makeup unless you’re applying for a job position that requires you to showcase your makeup skills.

Resume References

Always alert your resume references about using their information on an upcoming interview. They obviously should already know that you are using them as a reference for your resume.

Never use someone’s information without asking them first. Be respectful of their privacy and request for them to be used as a reference on your resume. After you get a job, contact your references and tell them thank you for allowing you to use them as a resume reference

Start The Day on a Good Note

The morning of your interview will be stressful. Don’t allow this stress to consume you. Start your day on a good note. Wake up early and take a shower. Drink some coffee and wake up.

Give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself that you are enough and you will succeed even if they don’t pick you for the job. Give yourself some grace and love. Be gentle with yourself and encourage your mind.

Do your best to prepare yourself for the interview and don’t over think things. Don’t rush and take your time. Be hopeful, calm, and focused. Don’t forget that you’ve got this!

I hope this blog post is helpful for you. Let me know if any of these tips were helpful. Thanks for reading this long blog post!

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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