I’m Sorry

For a long time I was mad at you. I was mad at you because you have created a strom for my family based off of a lie that you created.

Now that time has passed, I’ve learned what type of person you are. I’ve learned a lot about my self as well.

I’ve learned that I shouldn’t ever give someone the power to disrupt my inner peace. I’ve learned that toxic people will always lie in order to make themselves feel better.

I’ve learned that this has NOTHING to do with me. This has everything to do about a toxic gaining control in a very manipulating way.

I refuse to be a part of the manipulation. However, I will not be silent and I will continue my story of how I survived your manipulation and lies.

I’m sorry that you have to lie about me in order to justify your poor decisions.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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