Ya’ll I’m going to be honest here. I’m not usually freaking out about an eye appointment. However, recently I have been freaking out about my last eye appointment.

At my last eye appointment my prescription increased. It went from a -8.00 to -9.00 in my right eye and from a -8.00 to a -9.25 in my left eye. This is really concerning.

My last eye appointment was back in December. This was a huge change in a small amount of time. Which makes me feel worried and stressed out.

During my eye appointment my doctor asked if there were any diabetics in my family. I replied with yes. On my dad’s side of the family. My dad, my uncle, and my Nana all had diabetes.

My eye doctor recommended that I get tested for diabetes due to signs of diabetic retinopathy. I told her I haven’t ever had issues with diabetes.

She reminded me that the reason why I scheduled an appointment with her was due to eye changes after my hysterectomy.

Obviously that’s when I had a light bulb moment in my brain. I realized that oh crap I could have surgery induced diabetes.

This is seriously pretty scary to me. I already had a doctor’s appointment setup for this month with my primary doctor. I go in next week for blood work.

In 6 months my eye vision has changed dramatically. It’s really scary. I try to relax and think about an action plan if I am a diabetic that was caused by my hysterectomy surgery.

If diabetes is a problem that arises from a hysterectomy, then I’m pretty irritated at Doctor Mills for not paying attention to my medical chart. I certainly wouldn’t have followed her surgery recommendation.

I’m trying to find calmness in the middle of this stressful situation but goodness it is difficult. I’m honestly tired of fixing one health problem and something else breaks.

Can I please just take a break from it all? No, this is life and it is called dealing with it. Diabetes isn’t something that you want to mess around with. Just ask my dad, oh wait he’s dead because he didn’t take care of his diabetes like he should have.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m freaking out. I don’t want to die young from diabetes or anything for that matter. It’s all scary.

I want this test result to be done with so I can focus on what needs to be done. I really hate being an overthinker especially during situations like this.

The last time I didn’t think about the worst possible thing that could happen, I ended up with a full hysterectomy and not a partial hysterectomy. So I’m concerned about my test results.

Have you ever been diagnosed with surgery induced problems? I would like to know your stories as well.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

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