Unjustifiable Leverage

My last post about Parental Alienation has sparked good conversations in my inbox on Instagram.

One of those conversations I mentioned that false allegations of child abuse in an unjustifiable leverage that vindictive parents do during divorce cases.

I wanted to share with you more information about being an Alienated Stepmom. I hope this helps other Alienated Stepmoms out there.

Unjustifiable Leverage

I have experienced a very toxic person who is the mom of my bonus daughter. The Biomom lied about me in family court in order to have the upper hand in my husband’s custody case in 2008.

She lied to the judge about me abusing my bonus daughter. This was used as leverage in their divorce child custody case. Soon the Biomom would use this excuse to eliminate my husband from his daughter’s life.

Even to this day with no contact with my bonus daughter, I’m still viewed as the abusive Stepmom. Not only did the Biomom lie about child abuse but she also lied about sexual abuse allegations that she allegedly happened between my bonus daughter and I.

During court hearings I wasn’t allowed to speak my side of what happened. The judge took the lies of abuse from the Biomom and treated me like a child abuser. I was ordered by the court system to take anger management and parenting classes.

I was then told I couldn’t see my bonus daughter until I completed a 52 week anger management course.

Even though there wasn’t an investigation done for the abuse allegations I was still treated as a child abuser from the court system.

The Biomom continues to lie about the abuse so that she can keep her manipulation going.

These lies of abuse are unjustified actions of a human being. It’s senseless actions of mental abuse by proxy through me to my bonus daughter.

My bonus daughter is being abused by the unjust actions of her mother and others are helping the Biomom mentally abuse her child.

Unjustified actions have been happening in my family since 2008. It’s been devastating to watch my bonus daughter being abused in this way.

Even though I’ve lobbied at the state capital for my bonus daughters rights, her rights are still ignored by her parent.

I will never understand how mentally messed up a parent has to be in order to abuse their child like the Biomom has done to her child.

This is another experience that I’m dealing with that has to do with the injustice of a human being to another.

Why can’t this type of injustice stop? Why can’t we be kind? People who are hurting hurt other people. Even hurting mothers hurt their own children. Who in their right mind treats another human being with unjustified senseless actions?!

I don’t know either.

Unfortunately, injustice is everywhere. Some more than others. It bothers me that other people lack morals, a good character, and respect.

Even with laws put in place people will still ignore the law and do as they please no matter what happens after those choices.

How can a human being treat another human being with unjustified actions?

I don’t know how to fix it and unfortunately there’s no way of fixing broken people when they have no desire to change or even see that their actions are unjust.

These actions of other parents who use this type of excuse to remove their children’s rights is unjustifiable leverage. This type of toxic behavior is unfortunately common.

Falsely accusing a step parent of child abuse is unjustifiable leverage in a child custody case or any case for that matter . It’s completely sickening to know how low a vindictive person can be. This is certainly an example of unjustifiable leverage.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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