This week I want to remain calm no matter how shady a company can be. I want to remain calm no matter how poorly a customer service experience was fo.

I will remain calm even though I have spent more than $400.00 dollors with a popular makeup company and they lacked ethical behavior.

I will remain calm even though when I reached out to them in regards to them keeping my money they didn’t care one bit and offered me an “insulting” offer.

I will remain calm even though I feel like I’ve wasted my time on posting reviews and recommending this makeup company to others.

Here is what happened with my last order from ShopMissA.

I placed an order with ShopMissA. I had two items clearly missing from my order. This is also clearly marked by an employee. The X would be the missing items.

So I reach out to ShopMissA looking for a refund or to be sent the items that weren’t in my order. I was still charged for them.

So here’s my email to ShopMissA

This is the reply from their customer service representative.

What?! So you’re telling me that if I take the store credit I will receive more money or I can get a refund for the money that is the correct amount? What?!

So I responded with this..

So they send me a refund of the following amount…

Now, I’m like what?!

Not only did I have to reach out to you and get my money back. I didn’t even receive the correct amount that is owed to me.

Honestly, it’s not about the amount but it’s the lack of integrity that is being displayed by this company.

Right now I’m trying to stay calm. It’s a little challenging when you have a company that you’ve spent over $400.00 treat you like that. This is $400.00 could have been used towards something better than on a shady company.

So I am trying my best to remain calm and not let this lack of ethical behavior get to me.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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