Parental Alienation: An Unjustifiable Action By A Parent

There are other unjustifiable situations that happen in the family court system. This is a topic that is a common issue in the family court system.

Parents will use their child(ren) in order to gain custody during and after a divorce process. Some parents will legally kidnap the children from the other parent with the help of the court system.

A parent will lie about abuse just so they can use that lie as an excuse to keep the child away from the other parent and step parent.

A parent will also play the hero in these situations in order to manipulate others into their emotional abuse towards their children. The ones who fall for the lies from the toxic parent will also help with the abuse towards the child.

A parent may provide a fancy home and other luxuries in life. They will manipulate a child by buying their love and loyalty while using them to hurt the other parent. This is a type of mental manipulation.

A parent will cut off all communication between the other parent and child. They will often go to the extreme of changing the child’s identity. Like the last name of the child.

A parent will stop showing up for court ordered visitation. Even if the judge has ordered the mother to show up for visitation, the mother will ignore court orders.

Parents who act in unjustifiable behavior end up hurting the children. Manipulating a child into doing something that benefits the parent is a form of abuse.

When the other parent and step parent has been nothing but supportive and loving towards the child(ren) the unjustified toxic behavior from the primary parent will eventually cause the child to end up repairing the damage that their parent has caused them.

The problem is that the court system do not hold people accountable for breaking the law. This becomes an unjustified action of the court system and from the abusive parent.

Back in 2008 when the Biomom of my bonus daughter falsely accused me of child abuse in family court was one of the examples that I used in my last blog post as an unjustly act of a human being.

We don’t want to discuss how parents are backstabbing, manipulating, and cruel to their own children. Even during divorce cases children are used as weapons to hurt the other parent and step parent.

This type of unjustified actions from a human being is simply disturbing. If you can’t see this problem then you’re probably involved with these toxic behaviors.

I’ve watched a “mother” use her child as leverage in a divorce. I’ve witnessed a “mother” who is emotionally manipulating a child. I’ve witnessed a “mother” use her authority in a very harmful way.

I’ve not only witnessed this first hand but I’ve read stories, heard stories, and have fought at the Oklahoma State Capitol for the rights of children during divorce.

Children are manipulated by a parent and the court system allows it. This is an unjustified action from the court system. It is an unjustifiable lie that was created by a human being in order to hurt someone else.

I don’t understand how someone can pretend to be a good person when they are emotionally abusing their child?! It is a very unjustified action from a human being.

No one wants to talk about the children who are being treated like property in the eyes of their parent. No one wants to talk about how manipulating a parent can be during a divorce.

I’m honestly not tired of talking about it. My family has been ripped apart by the court system. My family has been served injustice by the family court system due to the lies of the biomom.

This mess will always continue because these are the types of parents children have.

Hate is a powerful thing. It can destroy lives. Just Google search Parental Alienation and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Why can’t humans be kind to one another and place the hate aside? I suppose that’s too much of a request to be asked.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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