Shopaholic Sensible Shopping

Oh my goodness!! Oh my goodness!! I found some great deals at Walmart!! These deals were all under $6.00 each!!

Walmart deals are the best especially when you have a budget to stay with. This go around I could pick up whatever my little heart desired! So I did!

If I saw something cute, under $10.00, leopard, or clearance I picked it up. These are the products that I picked up.

Nothing that I picked up was over $6.00! I’m super excited about using these products. I’ll have separate reviews for each item at a later time.

Right now I’ll go through each item and how much it cost me at Walmart for these items.

Leopard Print Flip Flops

These cute shoes were only $3.97. I bought them only because they were leopard print.

Black Clutch Bag

Lately I’ve been in search for bags that would be great to use in Vegas. My husband and I are taking trips to Nevada to figure out our land situation out there. I’m looking for bags that would be useful for travel, visiting the strip, and makeup bags.

I thought this clutch would be useful for a visit on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s super roomy, it has a wrist strap, two compartments, and a solid clasp on it. I found this at a great price for only $3.00. The regular price was $11.98.

Black Crossbody Purse

This bag was on clearance. The original price was $11.98. It’s a little smaller than what I use but I can make this work! I couldn’t resist buying it for only $3.00.

Time and Tru Earrings

I saw these the last time I picked up a pair of earrings in this brand. I put them back on the rack because I didn’t know if they would be too heavy or not.

I picked these up at regular price at $4.92. I think this is a great price for these earrings. I’ll let you know how well they wear and what they look like on.

Shampoo Bar

What? A shampoo bar? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. My curiosity rose up when I saw these in the beauty department. They were only $1.00 each so I grabbed one for myself and another one for something that I have planned. The regular price on these were $3.97.

Coconut Incoco Nail Art Strips

I’ve been interested in these nail strips since I failed at the samples that were sent to me by Manifestnailbar on Instagram. I saw these at Walmart and thought I could try them out. Maybe I could practice with the cheaper brand.

Tada! They worked perfectly! I’ve been wearing one set for a whole day now. They haven’t chipped at all. I’ll have a review posted later about the product.

I bought this at regular price at $4.97.

Nail Polish

I needed to pick up some nail hardening polish. My nails are brittle and I thought this nail polish would be a good idea to buy. So while I was looking for the nail hardening polish I picked up a few other colors.

Sally Hansen

Insta Dri was $3.86 each.

Nail Hardening Polish $4.17

Mega Strength Clearance $1.00

L.A. Colors $1.98 each

Hard Candy Makeup Palettes

These lovely colors caught my eye while I was browsing the makeup department at Walmart. The pinks grabbed my attention. These two palettes are beautiful and I can’t wait to try them!

I bought these at regular price at $5.97 each. These are the highest priced items that I picked up. It’s still not a bad price though.

Profusion Makeup Palette

This was a palette that was recommended to me by a Walmart employee. The beauty department requires you to place your makeup items in a plastic lock container.

So when I went to hand the clerk my makeup they noticed that I liked pinks. This was the palette that was recommended to me. I can’t wait to try it out! I will have a review on it at a later time.

That is all of the sensible shopping haul at Walmart! I hope you are able to find some good deals at Walmart while you are out picking up groceries and other much needed items from Walmart.

Stay safe out there!

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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