My Healthy Journey: Post Surgery Check-In

As of April 5th 2020, this is my 8th week since my full hysterectomy in February. I’m not sure if this is a normal thing or not because it’s a Sunday and my OBGYN isn’t at work.

This is something that freaked me out but from researching online this might be normal. I’m still calling my doctor in the morning about this.

I wanted to share my experiences with this whole hysterectomy thing. I hope it helps you during your hysterectomy journey.

I went to use the restroom, I obviously wiped but this time it was odd. I mean, I’ve had kidney stones pass through down there but never this.

I was freaked out by what I wiped up. I’ve never seen such a thing coming from down there.

Before I went searching online for what this might be I kept wondering how the hell string could get all the way up there!

My husband reassured me that it’s probably from the surgery. So that’s what began my search for “WTF is this?”

I put in to Google search Can string like stitches come out after a hysterectomy? and this is what came up.

Will I Pass Stitches Vaginally? This is an article from a site that I found back in January. It’s been a really helpful site for me when I went researching a partial hysterectomy. Little did I know that the partial hysterectomy would turn into a full hysterectomy.

This article Will I Pass Stitches Vaginally? explains what can happen when you pass these stitches. It also gives you some tips on what to be on the lookout for. They still encourage you to call your doctor if you would like to.

I haven’t been able to have my surgery follow ups because of the virus going on right now. So this is freaking me out just a little but the article that I read today has calmed me down a little. I’m still a little concerned but I’ll call my doctor in the morning.

Here is a photo of what my stitches look like.

As I have said in the past, I am not a doctor. I am giving you the information that I have dealt with in my life. I will never give anyone medical advice.

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