Overnight Bag Essentials For A Hysterectomy

When I went to gather up my things for my hospital stay I only knew the basic stuff to pack. Like a hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste, phone charger and other basic things. I called my youngest sister because she has had three babies and she would know what to pack for an overnight stay at the hospital.

The list will contain basic essentials but random essentials too. This list also contains information that I thought I wish I would have known.


Things You Will Need/Want for the Hospital


Pack earphones so you can listen to YouTube and other various things.


You will want these because the hospital will be loud.

Bring Pillows

You will want probably 4 pillows for your ride back home. At least bring one for your ride home. Put the pillow on your belly before you buckle in.

Comfortable Clothes to Wear Home

I learned the hard way that you should probably wear a dress home instead of pants.

A maxi dress would have been perfect for the ride home. I didn’t want anything other than my underwear to be around my waist. So wearing pants home wasn’t a good idea.

Remember that your waistline will be sore and swollen. So find some pants that are a little bit too big for you. Size up two sizes. I sized up one and I wish I would have sized up two.

Again I would opt for the dress instead of pants.


You will want your own socks because the ones that the hospital gives you aren’t very warm.

Shower Essentials

They had me take a shower before I left. So I’m glad I packed my shower must haves.

Stool softener

I read about a stool softener helping constipation after surgery. I should have probably done this before surgery so everything would have been cleaned out but I didn’t know about this until after the surgery. The pain pills you receive will cause constipation. After a hysterectomy constipation hurts so bad. It might help! I don’t know.

Longer Tanks

Longer tank tops for light wear because you will want to cover up the stitches. I found $3.88 tank tops at Walmart and they have been working well.

Menstrual Pads

You will need pads for when you bleed after surgery. The ones from the hospital will not last you very long.


Underwear is like the pant waistline issue too. Remember to size up in your underwear because you’re going to be swollen.

Side note: Get underwear that will be able to stick well with the pads you will need to wear at least the first day or so. It’s a week since surgery and I’ve hardly bled any.

Extension Cord

I’m glad I brought an extention cord because I needed one for my phone charger. I couldn’t locate a close outlet.

Kindle Book

Bring a book to read during the night. I couldn’t sleep at all and the hospital was loud. I wish I would have thought about a kindle book and earplugs.


Bring tissues because you will be crying. You will probably cry at night when you are alone in the hospital.

Random Essentials

Phone charger
Hair ties
Hair brush
Toothbrush and toothpaste


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