Important Things To Remember During A Hysterectomy Recovery

Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the past couple of months after my full hysterectomy surgery.

First and Foremost

First and foremost is that you have to give yourself extra self-compassion during this time. The last thing your body needs is to be treated poorly.

You need to eat healthy as well. You don’t want to feed yourself bad foods when you’re trying to recover from surgery. Eating healthy food is another way to show yourself some self-compassion.

Support System

You have to find a good support system. My husband and youngest sister are my support system through this process. They will truly never understand how grateful I am for them. This is an emotional and physical roller-coaster so having a positive support system is a must.


Pick out clothes for you to wear after surgery. You will not be able to move very much and it would be a good idea to pick out your clothes.

I ended up wearing tanks and underwear. I bought some boy short panties and that’s what I ended up wearing during my recovery time especially the first two weeks.

Even at 7 weeks past surgery you still cannot lift things. So it’s still a good idea to have your clothes ready and easy to get to.

It’s super helpful to have dresses on hand. Maxi dresses are awesome for a quick easy way to get dressed.

Here is the dress I bought from Fancy Frills Boutique

These dresses have been super helpful during my recovery time! I highly recommend that you purchase a few of these dresses for your recovery time.

I also bought Women Summer Sleeveless Jumpsuit Solid Casual Pants Romper with Pockets from Amazon.

This jumpsuit is perfect to wear at 7 weeks of your surgery.

Simple Things in Life

The small things in life is what you will notice that changes. Simple hugs from your spouse is difficult to do. Snuggles at night with your spouse is nearly impossible.

Small things like tossing your dog a treat. You shouldn’t do this quickly. I’m not saying not to give your fur baby a treat, I’m saying not to toss is “harshly, quickly” to your dog.

I was tossing a treat to my fur baby and I did it too quickly and harshly. I wasn’t meaning to but I knew it was bad when I pulled some of my body.

Don’t Be Stubborn

This is an important thing to remember. You have to be waited on hand and foot. You can’t be stubborn. Take your time doing things. Your body is recovering from a major surgery and it needs time to heal.

Don’t reach for this on a top shelf. Don’t reach down to pick up things off the floor. Use your legs to do the bending.

Fill That Perscription! You’re Gonna Need It!

The first 5 days are going to suck so badly. You might appreciate being on pain pills during this time. It’s seriously very painful during the first 5 days.

A simple sneeze or going to the bathroom will be the most painful thing ever!


Pillows will become your best friend! Good luck trying to find a comfortable place to stay in bed for the next few weeks. Pillows will help you during this time. I ended up using 6 pillows at night. Yes, I said 6 pillows.

About the 6th week I began feeling less uncomfortable in bed. I’m still a bit uncomfortable but I’m still in recovery.

I’m sure I will have a lot more to share with you all as I go through this journey. As always I will share those tips and advice to you.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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