My Hysterectomy at 34

Nothing is more frightening than when you are waking up from surgery and learning that the doctor had to take more organs than what was expected.

This has been a difficult situation to navigate through. But I wanted to share my story with you. Maybe you need some support and assurance during this time. Here is my hysterectomy story.

Just remember that you are not alone during this hysterectomy journey.

My Hysterectomy Story

Back in January 2019 I went to my OBGYN for my annual exam. My pap smear did not come back well. I had to repeat my pap smear every 6 months.

In June 2019 I began having severe pain. My OBGYN ran tests and blood work. Anything I did was painful. I was diagnosed with a retroflexed uterus. Due to this retroflexed uterus I was in a lot of pain. I can’t stress enough how was very very painful it was. This severe pain is what caused the surgery in the first place.

In January 2020 I was scheduled for surgery. Going in I knew I was having a partial hysterectomy. I gave my doctor my consent to remove my ovaries if there was a problem with my ovaries. She needed this consent even though there wasn’t any reason for me to have my ovaries removed. She asked just incase.

After that visit my surgery date was set for February 12th 2020 at 11:00 AM.

Leading up to the surgery time was a stressful one. I went through two holidays without telling my family about this surgery. No one knew but my husband and my youngest sister. I didn’t want to tell anyone else about this surgery. A partial hysterectomy was and is a personal thing to go through. I wasn’t ready to tell them.

Surgery in itself is stressful so it’s easy to overthink things. This year I’m working on not overreacting. So I really had my work cut out for me on this one. I’m the type of person who overreacts. This year I’m working on that.

Even in this situation, I worked on not overthinking this and how bad things could actually be. I didn’t let myself think about the bad parts. I didn’t let myself over think the surgery. I was going in for a partial hysterectomy and that was it.Finally the day arrived.

February 12th 2020 was here. I barely slept the night before but to be honest, I hadn’t slept well in a long time.The surgery was delayed by 4 hours. It was nerve racking to feel the nurses and the doctor getting me prepared for surgery. Soon I would fall into a deep sleep.

When I woke up from my surgery I felt a very odd feeling. I didn’t know what that feeling was. I asked a nurse if she could go get my husband so he could come back in the recovery area. It was a loud area room with at least 12 other people in that recovery area.

When my husband sat down I asked him “Did I get to keep my ovaries?” He shook his head no. I began to cry. It was that moment that I began my grieving process.

The parts that made me a woman were removed from my body. I wasn’t expecting this at all. They had to remove my ovaries because of endometriosis.

The endometriosis had spread all through out my body. It was on parts of my intestines and on my bladder. They removed what they could but had to leave the endometriosis on my bladder because of the risk of puncturing the bladder and causing more problems.

Since they removed my ovaries I’m on a prescription for estrogen. They started me out on these patches but I quickly had an allergic reaction to the patch.

Here is the allergic reaction to the patch that I had.

I contacted my doctor and asked for the gel. I should have gone this route in the first place. My husband even mentioned the allergic reaction that I get with adhesive glue. Thankfully after working with the insurance company we were able to get the DIVIGEL covered.

It comes in little packets like this

This is how you apply the gel. It was helpful since I wasn’t able to speak with my doctor about this due to the virus going on.This has been a learning experience so far. I’m sure I will be learning more as my journey with a hysterectomy continues. I will definitely be blogging about these things as I’m figuring it out.

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