Creative Resources

Here is a list of creative resources. These resources are helpful when you are trying to find your way through graphic communications.

I will list these by category along with the links to the sites. The categories will be stock photos, styled stock photos, fonts, design inspiration, and phone apps. I hope you discover something that is helpful for you.

Free Stock Photos

Stock photos are important when you’re building an online presence. You have to be an eye catching page. Stock photos look more professional than what you can probably produce yourself. Here are some of the sites I use for stock photos.


Pixabay was one of the first sites that I found. It’s been helpful and easy to use. The terms of use are easy to understand. As always, I encourage you to read the entire terms of service before using any of the photos.


I discovered this site just a few days ago. The photos on there provide you with a good selection of photos. I seem to browse that site a lot.


Pexels is a site that I found back in 2016. I have a few collections of photos on there. The site allows you to collect/save photos. There is a nice selection of photos to pick from.

Styled Stock Photos

These are styled stock photo sites that I use. They offer free photos and a membership fee. However, I do not buy them. I just wait for their monthly newsletter that gives you a couple of photos. Some of these sites give you free images once you sign up for the newsletter.


Kaboompics is a great place for styled stock photos! They are commercial free use! I highly recommend this site to you!

SC Stockshop

Shay from SC Stockshop will send you 20 free images once you sign up for the newsletter.

Styled Stock Society

Elle at Styled Stock Society provides you with a great newsletter. She sends out tips, advice, and free images. I love the law out of the newsletter that she sends out.

Haute Stock

Haute Stock is a great place to find free images upon signing up for their newsletter. I haven’t been using this site very long but for the most part its been great.

Free Fonts

As a graphic designer you might be using fonts a lot. If you’re anything like me, you lack skills to create your own fonts. It’s important that you adhere to the laws of copyright when using fonts in your designs.

The following site allow you to use their fonts in personal and commercial use. Be sure to always read the terms of service before using any of the fonts.

Font Bundles

Font Bundles is a great site for commercial free use fonts. This means that you can use them on projects that you want to sell.

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG has been a lifesaver when it comes to commercial free use fonts. With the recent issue with Cultivated Mind Type, The Hungry JPEG has reassured me that they do have the right to distribute fonts.

Inspiration For Designers

One of the first things that you do before designing a project for a client is researching. You should browse through ideas that other artists have done. You shouldn’t ever copy them but you can certainly be inspired by their work. Here is a list of helpful places that I find inspiration from. I hope you’re able to find some inspiration for your next project.


Behance is a great place to explore different types of visual art things. This site allows you to save the artwork that you like from other artists. The “like” art is saved directly on your profile. This feature allows you to go back and see the artwork that you’ve liked over the years.

Behance is also a platform that allows artists to display their portfolio. This is a great site that showcases different types of visual graphics such as illustration, graphic design, fashion, photography, and much more.

Digital Synopsis

Digital Synopsis is a platform that provides you with the best design ideas in all things graphic design. They post about trends in graphic design, humor, inspiring artwork, and more.


Pinterest is a great resource for design inspiration. There are tons of great ideas and tips. Once you click on a photo you can scroll down to view similar images. That feature comes in handy once you have found the perfect fit for your project.


Issuu is a digital magazine site. You can browse through the magazines to find design inspiration. I used this site a lot in my college classes. One of the projects we worked on was designing magazines. This site was really helpful back then.

Now even though school is over with, I am still finding myself going back to the site. I like browsing through different designs and being inspired by the layouts of the magazines.

Phone Apps

Sometimes you can’t get to your desktop. Apps are a convenient way to keep up with your blog posts and other online platforms. Here are some of my favorite apps.

Adobe Spark

I use Adobe Spark for my Instagram posts and blog headers. Adobe Spark is available on the web and for your mobile device.


I just recently used Canva. It has features that Adobe Spark doesn’t have. There’s pros and cons for this app. So far it’s a great way to add text to stock photos.

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