The Lack of Respect and Honesty

The lack of respect and honesty is something that I think about during certain situations. I am a graphic designer and I put time, effort, money, and creativity into the things I create. I create graphics that are sometimes stolen by people who like to remove my @tlobekah or whatever project I created graphics for.

I have had other projects stolen from me by people who have been less than respectful and honest. I have worked as a campaign leader for children’s rights and created over 1500 graphics for the campaign only to have some of them stolen by people.

People who don’t understand these frustrations from artists obviously haven’t created a design and had it stolen online.

Many artists experience this type of disrespect within their creative journey. It’s frustrating to spend time on a piece of art work only to have someone disregard it by removing the creators name, claiming it as their own, or making money off of the art.

Recently there was a particular situation that happened that I could fully relate to. An artist found out that her fonts were being sold by The Hungry JPEG without her consent. Obviously the designer was frustrated with the situation. The designer replied on a comment that I left on The Hungry JPEG on Instagram several weeks ago. She alerted me of a fraudulent person that was selling her fonts on The Hungry JPEG.

She began to clue me in on the situation. My heart felt so bad for her. I felt sad and frustrated because I knew exactly what she was going through. Because of past experiences that I have gone through, I understood her. I could understand why she would be upset. She has every right to be upset.

People who disregard artists who put hard work into their designs lack respect and honesty. There’s no way of changing people like this. It sucks but it shouldn’t keep us from creating beautiful pieces of artwork.

During this conversation with Cindy from Cultivated Mind Type I became grateful for the assholes that have stolen my designs. I’m not saying that it’s okay that they did what they did. I’m saying I’m grateful for the experience because I wouldn’t have been able to be a listening ear for Cindy.

She was super kind and as a thank you for being there for her, she gave me a bundle of her fonts! That was so unexpected! Someone who had been disrespected by a fraudulent person online turned around and did a kind gesture. She didn’t have to do that. She could have been more angry about the situation than focusing on the good parts and showed thankfulness during a frustrating time.

Thankfully Cindy was able to get her fonts removed from The Hungry JPEG. I wish the best for her! Stay tuned for graphics that I create with the bundle of fonts that Cindy gave me.

Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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