Doctors Terrify Me

I am terrified of the doctor and here’s why.  I pretty much live at the doctors office  because I’m always sick. Running blood tests, finding no solution, and having to deal with continuing symptoms that won’t go away.  Once one problem is finally found something else on me breaks.  Some doctors will listen while others make you think you’re the scum of the earth. I don’t like doctors who think they are above you just because they have gone to medical school.

Today I have to go to a specialist and I’m terrified. I’m worried how I will be treated by the doctor and his staff. I worry that nothing will be found and I’m right back to figuring out what the heck is wrong with my body. I always think about my gene mutation problem and maybe it’s the root cause for my health issues. I have horrible genes and there’s not so much you can do about it.  Doctors treat you poorly and it makes it to where you don’t care to go to the doctor. I am terrified today and I hope this visit goes well.


Author: Rebekah B - The Life of Bekah

Happy Wife. Dog Mom. Alienated Stepmom. Life Blogger. Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Brand Rep for Iviana & Co.

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