My First 3 Days of “Dumping” Oxalates

This is a list of things I’ve noticed when I started “dumping”.  From what I’ve read in various articles,  “dumping” is when your body is getting rid of the high amount of oxalates.

This goes into a lot of “yucky” things that my body did for 3 days. I stopped taking note of it because it was simply too depressing for me. I warn you that you might not want to read some of the TMI so don’t click on the continue to read link.

Day 1  7-5-2017

6:40 PM

Body started to feel like it was loosing oxygen. Like sucking air from a zip lock to remove the air. Then my body started to tingle and I had a headache.
11:40 PM
Really bad heartburn and a sharp pain in my left hip. I also had an ear itch while typing this.
Day 2 7-6-2017
5:46 AM
Woke up with a sharp pain on both sides of my stomach. My left arm joint was in severe pain. I woke up sweaty and couldn’t find enough cold air to cool me down.
9:23 AM
I woke up again in a sweaty mess. The joint pain is now in my knee caps and my right arm and shoulder.
12:18 PM
The mail ran and my ox bile arrived. I took it and it seemed to relieve the cramps in my back and stomach area. I also took a Magnesium pill and that seemed to help relieve the dumping effects on my body.
2:15 PM
I have diarrhea and it looked shiney like crystal looking things.
5:42 PM
My back hurts really bad and I’m getting sweaty. My sides feel like they are pulsing. I’ve had a bad headache all day. I’ve noticed that my body has little twitches.
9:07 PM
My breathing seems to be a struggle. It was like that last night. I went to the bathroom and my diarrhea has black specks in it. I can oddly enough see little crystal like things in my diarrhea.
Day 3 7-8-2017
My neck, shoulder, hips, knee caps, and ankles joints throbbed. Tips of my toes were tingley. My breath was difficult a little going into the night. My body felt like a flu type of feeling. Diarrhea is still happening. Yuck.
It’s day three of “dumping” and I feel like complete crap. My body hates me
I’m feeling depressed so I’m not going to log about my symptoms for now.

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