Happy Birthday: An Open Letter to My Bonus Daughter

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. I hope you’re doing okay. I can’t believe you will be 18 next year. We have missed you terribly.

I have talked to your dad about reaching out to you so you guys can reconnect once you turn an adult. This way other people wouldn’t be allowed to have a say so with your relationship with your dad.

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Take The Risk and Enjoy The Journey

2018 was the year I graduated from college. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments in my life. I graduated from college with a degree in graphic communications.

I never knew the struggle that it would be when I went searching for the job of my dreams. I searched for a long time looking for a graphic design position. Nothing worked out. Eventually I gave up looking for a job in that field.

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Just Make A List or Two

Coming up with a shop name can be challenging. If you are creative like I am you will have tons of ideas for your shop name.

I kept in mind what type of products and services that I would be offering to my clients/customers. During this daunting task I came up with a few helpful things to accomplish this task.

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